The Science Behind Fat Burning Foods

The term ‘fat burning foods’ is more of a marketing gimmick designed to generate interest among market consumers rather than an actual scientific term. Type the words ‘fat burning foods for women’, for example, into the Google search engine and you’ll be met with a plethora of search results each offering a list of the best foods to incorporate as part of a healthy diet plan.

Some of the usual suspects you’ll see include avocado, green tea, chicken, chilli, fish and eggs. There’s nothing wrong with these foods, in fact they’re excellent choices, but rather than causing the body to directly oxidize fat stores, they work in a more in-direct manner.

Besides being naturally low in calories, common among these foods is their macro-nutrient profile which boasts high levels of protein, fiber and poly and monounsaturated fat. Collectively, these work to slow digestion, increase metabolic rate, provide sustained energy, increase satiety through flavor stimulation of the brain and stabilize mood.

The result is effective weight loss and maintenance through what appear to be ‘fat burning effects’. Despite this term, however, weight loss can only take place when the body is placed into a negative caloric state. In other words, any benefit of eating foods that support weight loss can be easily outdone by failing to meet basic caloric requirements necessary for weight loss.

For this reason, a diary or online calorie tracker should be used in conjunction with a custom-made diet plan to monitor progress and track your results over an extended period of time (a minimum of 7 days is recommended to better assess how your body responds).

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